Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Keeping a Dust Ruffle in Place

The Problem: Every time I would change the sheets on our bed, I would fight with the dust ruffle to keep it from sliding waaay off the end of the bed. Sometimes I'd try to fix it, other times the dust ruffle (or bedskirt if you prefer to call it that...) would just stay out of place until the next time I'd change the sheets.

The Solution: My mom told me about these amazing things - TWIST PINS. (I think she might have called them upholstery tacks, but this is what I could find that looked like she described.)

You just twist them into your dust ruffle & box springs, and the head on them is nice and flat. This second picture shows you a little bit what it looks like from the side - all you can see poking out of the box springs is a little clear head. Ever since I've done this, there's been no more fighting with the dust ruffle!! Definitely works for me!

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Superchikk said...

I've never seen those - they are definitely very cool.

I have used the poor man's version, I suppose - giant safety pins. I have my dust ruffle safety pinned to the box spring on the top, under the mattress. You can't see them and they do a great job holding everything in place.

emw said...

love the new banner

Rebekah said...

Safety pins are a great idea! They would definitely do the trick, too. :)