Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheap books!

Javier & I discovered this book store a few nights ago... it's AMAZING! At first we thought it must be illegal, the books were so cheap, but after inquiring we learned that this chain of stores receives books from larger companies like Barnes & Noble at a greatly discounted price. This happens when the larger companies decide they need the warehouse space for something else... which mean that you & I can find incredibly inexpensive, brand new books!

A list of store locations may be found here, or you may shop online as well. The selection is not quite as exhaustive as a "real" bookstore, but it's still incredible.

In case you're wondering just how great of a deal this place is, we bought 4 new, hardcover books for $22. When I looked at the cover price for these books, they would have cost us $85 in a regular store!

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