Monday, August 11, 2008

No Place I'd Rather Be?

As with all new bloggers, waves of ideas for the famous first post keep rushing through my head. In an effort to help you understand a bit of what you may find on this blog, as well as help me get past the wall that is this post, I'd like to explain this blog's title.

Upon first glance, you may very likely think "Why yes, there are dozens of places I'd rather be than sitting right here staring at my computer". That, however, is not why I picked this name. :) First, it's part of a song (yes, a bit cheesy...) by Shenandoah that says "There ain't no place that I'd rather be, next to you, sitting next to me." I'm a newlywed of 100 days (today!) and while there are tons of "Mom blogs" available, there aren't quite as many for folks without children. My goal is to bring you lots of helpful tips (time-saving, money-saving, and just plain fun) without assuming that you are already a parent. Hopefully, some of you who are will find this site informative as well though!

The second reason why I liked this name is that it reminds me of a quote by Jim Elliot who said "Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation that you believe to be the will of God." This quote has been a very positive challenge to me in different times of my life, encouraging me to not desire a change of circumstance, but rather a change of my heart.

So, while this blog will have a heavy emphasis on "newlywed tips", my hope is that it will also encourage you to delight in whatever situation may come your way.

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