Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reusing Listerine bottles

This Works for Me Wednesday trick comes compliments of my husband! Earlier this summer, we got some Listerine SmartRinse free after ECBs from CVS. Now, one thing we loved about this SmartRinse was how you could squeeze the bottle and exactly 10 mL of rinse would fill up the top & you'd use just the right amount every time.

When we finished the first bottle, Javier figured out that you can pry the top off & refill it with the mouthwash of your choice! It works best to use pliers to grab the little top, but now we can always measure out just the right amount of mouthwash and get to recycle the SmartRinse bottles!

Check out Shannon's blog for more tips!


April said...

thanks for the tip...we have one with some left in the bottom and I couldn't figure out how I was going to get it poured into another bottle.

Kelli said...

THANK YOU! My son loves this stuff and I like him using it as well. I love the premeasured bottle that he can do himself, but hate the price. I also got our three bottles at CVS for free, but we are almost to the point of having to buy them. So I was looking for a way to refill them and I found your site. I immediately found my hubby's pliers and voila!... I yanked the innerds out and am able to refil it. :) Thanks again. Now, my next mission is to find a simialar mouthwash for him at a much cheaper price. :)

harsha555 said...

thats good idea. Thanks!!