Monday, July 13, 2009

Why, Hello Again

I realize that I haven't posted for an inexcusable length of time, especially in the blogging world. I don't expect you to keep reading, unless of course, you'd like to know where I've been. :)

Well - I've been right here (for the most part)! My husband, however, had a six month work assignment away from home from January through the end of June. We are so thankful to have that behind us and to be back together now. 

And while I know that doesn't exactly explain my disappearance on this blog... well let's just say I was suddenly handling a different set of responsibilities and the ways that I needed to be supporting J and our home changed, leaving me little time for this blog. I love blogging, but my family comes first. :)

So here we go again! Join me as J & I get re-adjusted to life in the same place, as we tackle new projects, introduce you to our new dog, find more exciting grocery deals, and who knows what else along the way...

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