Friday, August 21, 2009

No Grocery Store Week!

The pantry was full, the refrigerator in decent shape, and I was just tired of buying more food when we never seem to completely finish what we have. So... this Sunday I decided to skip the grocery store & see what we could do for the week. Not having planned for this ahead of time meant I had to be a bit creative with our meals, but all in all we've had great meals and it's nice to be eating cleaning out the pantry a bit. I didn't even post a meal plan b/c I wasn't quite sure how this would work!

So, what have we eaten?
Sunday: Bean burritos on homemade tortillas
Monday: Cheesy chicken subs, pretzels & hummus
Tuesday: creamy zucchini with linguine, homemade bread, orange jello salad (with company)
Wednesday: More cheesy chicken subs, pretzels & hummus
Thursday: the one not so good day - I had cereal & Javier ate ? - we both had things we were rushing out the door for and weren't able to eat together
Friday: out with friends
Saturday: Homemade pizza

We definitely can't do this too often because it's harder to eat healthy and avoid the temptation of eating out, but this week it definitely worked for us!

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